Now that we’ve taken better control of our web site and the email addresses associated with our domain, we have a Twitter account, which will be a handy way for you to interact with us. In particular, this should be a great way for you to let us know things you notice along the Lehigh Valley Trail or on our properties so we can address those things in a timely fashion.

Tweet us @mendonfdn, and follow us at

The thing that excites me most about our new site — and our growing social media presence — is how it helps us stay in touch with our communities and donors. Ever since we got on Facebook a few years ago, it has been the single most important channel for people to keep us apprised of downed trees and other barriers along the Lehigh Valley Trail, allowing us to get our volunteers deployed as quickly as possible to address those issues. Now, with Twitter and other communication capabilities in our portfolio, we hope to get even better connected with you, the public we service with all we do.