The Mendon Foundation exists, first and foremost, to preserve open spaces throughout the Town of Mendon by serving as a land trust. We are a member of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA), and we have a goal of being accredited by the LTA in the future. All of the locations where you can experience the legacy of open spaces provided by the Mendon Foundation are highlighted below. For a map of our properties, including our work on Monroe County’s Lehigh Valley Trail, please download our map and brochure.

Primary entry points for all properties are denoted with a yellow dot (•).

If you are interested in donating land to the Mendon Foundation, please contact us.

Sibleyville Nature Reserve

Donor: The Sibleyville Estates, October 31, 2000
45.690 acres; see

Monroe County Tax Map ID # 221.01-3-4.91

[Sibleyville Satellite View]

Pittsford-Mendon Center Road

Donor: Evelyn Lewis, December 31, 2001
25.990 acres; see

Monroe County Tax Map ID # 215.02-1-11

[Pittsford Mendon Center Road Satellite View]

Eckler Road

Donor: Franklyn Johnson, April 30, 1998
24.910 acres; see

Monroe County Tax Map ID # 192.04-1-8

[Eckler Road Satellite View]

Taylor Road

Donor: Edie & Gordon Small, September 23, 2003
11.550 acres; see

Monroe County Tax Map ID # 215.04-1-11

[Taylor Road Satellite View]

Mendon-Ionia Road (Route 64)

Donor: Joe Spezio, December 31, 2007
24.190 acres;

Monroe County Tax Map ID # 231.03-1-2.2

[Route 64 Satellite View]
Note double-dashed line indicating driveway; keep to left, then follow narrow gap between red lines to southwest corner of property to access.

Lehigh Valley Trail Extension, Caledonia

Donor: Joe Spezio, December 30, 2005
25.090 acres; see

Livingston County Tax Map ID # 5.-1-13.113 & 5.-1-15.123

[Caledonia Satellite View]