Many thanks go to the Scouts who have brought so many key projects to life along the Lehigh Valley Trail over the last two decades. We have done our best to list all of the Eagle Projects along the Trail that we have in our records in the roster below. It should be known, however, that there were countless other group projects that occurred along the way, which are not listed here. If you see something missing — or if you would like to be in a future version of this list — please reach out using the form at the bottom of this page.

Of special note: Although not an Eagle Project, in 1997, Rochester Scout Troop 45 re-decked the 160-foot trestle bridge over Honeoye Creek west of Plains Road and also installed safety railing. The Monroe County Parks Department provided materials and design assistance.

1997 – Trevor Jones, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Cleaned and widened trail between RJ and Clover St.

1999 – Christopher Colquitt, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Erected 16 signs along the Lehigh Valley Trail.

2002 – Davis Judson, Troop 129, Eagle Project – Cleared south side of Mendon Station Park.

2003 – Patrick Kelly, Troop 129, Eagle Project – Built stairs at Mendon Station Park.

2005 – Christoph Napp, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built kiosk at Rochester Junction. 24 scouts and parents participated in the project for a total of 400 hours.

2005 – Garrett Koek, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Defined outline of station at Rochester Junction, built a knee-wall, and created  picnic area on the Trail;  42 scouts and parents participated for a total of 337 hours.

2006 – Liam Dooley, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Rebuilt 30-foot  West Wye Bridge connecting the Trail and Great Bend Park; 382 hours.

2006 – Evan Schmidt, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built 60′ of railroad track at Mendon Station Park.

2006 – Dan Smith, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Cleared & built 1920’s Station Master’s Garden at Rochester Junction.

2006 – Ethan Gardner, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built interlocking tower and refurbished electrical box at Rochester Junction.

2006-2007 – Ethan Whritenor, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built seven benches on the Trail and cleared trailside trees and brush at seven locations.

2007 – Stefan Napp, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built stairs and trail from West Wye foot Bridge to Dam.

2007 – David Volzer, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built and installed 33 mileage markers on Lehigh Valley Trail.

2008 – Jason Asarese, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built Speeder Shed knee wall and laid 20 feet of light rail;  275 hours.

2008 – Bret Henderson, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Weed eradication around the triangle platform at Rochester Junction.

2008 – Jonathan Rice, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built kiosk in Rush. Cleared an area of 14’ X 10’ for the kiosk; dug post holes and poured cement pads; erected the PT 6” X 6” frame; built the roof; built the window and sign areas; stained the completed structure.

2008 – Dave Schmittlenner, Troop 334 – Built trail picnic area at intersection with Genesee Valley Greenway.

2010 – Justin Gardner, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Excavated foundation of pump house & built knee walls. 415 hours. The pump house was located over the summer of 2009, and a 30″ knee wall was erected around its foundation. A few trees, brush, etc., were also cleared around the area to gain a better view of the knee wall structure from the trail.

2010 – Mike Knab, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Beaver Pond Overlook on Lehigh Valley Trail (100 yards east of Clover St.).

2010 – Tommy Bock, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Rush Station picnic area established; built one classic picnic table and one handicapped-accessible picnic table with attached benches and anchors; built two bluebird houses; cleared a 25’ by 20′ area with type 2 crushed stone base.

2010 – Jason Asarese, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Laid 20ʼ of light rail and built a knee wall outlining the location of the speeder shed, which was located just west of Plains Rd. on the Northern Extension, at Rochester Junction. The project involved 12 people and 275 hours of work.

2011 – Teddy Cost, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Restored 1950s baggage cart at Rochester Junction.

2011 – Ben Stewart, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Built display shelter for  Baggage Cart at Rochester Junction.

2011 – Colin Prato, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Rebuilt a 65′ pathway in Mendon Station Park. Removed old materials; changed grade; deepened pathway base; laid out Geocell and grid and backfilled with base stone. Compacted base, installed edging, and more.

2011 – Ian Jackson, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Wreck display, Lehigh Valley Trail.

2012 – Peter Newman, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Bench and steps on Lehigh Valley Trail at Mendon Station Park.

2012 – Nat McNabb, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Display cover for baggage cart on Lehigh Valley Trail.

2012 – Brad Alexander, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Flagpole & gardens at Mendon Station Park.

2012 – Wesley Davies, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Mendon Foundation bench and Mendon Foundation Signage.

2013 – Peter Carosa, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Freight house: installed interior wall board, interior & exterior painting, insulation, drywall, interior finish carpentry, and coordination of the electrical work.

2013 – Jacob Shanks, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Baggage cart; refurbished Lehigh Valley Trail.

2014 – Killian Coddington, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Rochester Junction “milepost” signage.

2015 – Salvatore Carosa, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Storage shelves for the Mendon Foundation equipment barn at the Mendon baseball fields.

2015 – Brian Alexander, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Concrete floor for the Mendon Foundation equipment barn at the Mendon baseball fields.

2020 – Preston Yates, Troop 105, Eagle Project – Bike repair station at Rochester Junction.

2021 – Matthew Dobner, Troop 10, Eagle Project – Bike Repair Station at Mendon Station Park

See something missing? Have a new Eagle Project idea? Let us know below!