There are many ways to contribute, and your contribution is essential to keeping green areas around for future generations. Green space is essential for recharging our aquifers, preventing pollution of surface and ground waters, filtering sediments, limiting air pollution, and maintaining wildlife habitat and other natural systems. Open space preserves our heritage. When we maintain open land we sustain our natural environment of forests, prairies, mountains, rivers, beaches, farmland, etc. that have uniquely shaped the character of our country and its people. Open space creates economic activity from the productive use of lands for recreation and tourism, agriculture, and forestry. Open space helps state and local governments work efficiently. Preserving open space means that government services will be better focused, tax dollars will be saved and vital productive resources will be saved for the future.

The Mendon Foundation is supported 100% by voluntary donations. Please note that we are not a “foundation” in the traditional sense of the term; all donations go directly to maintaining the open spaces under our purview. We do not receive any money from the Town, County, or State. Please read the 2020 President’s Letter for more information about why your donation matters so much to our community.

1. First, you may donate to us at any time via PayPal:

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3. If you prefer to send a check, please download our printable map & donation form:

4. You can buy our famous UNLEASH t-shirts and more at our Cafe Press store!

UNLEASH t-shirt, “Bike the Trail” edition.

5. Last, but certainly not least, you may run our annual Black Diamond Express Half Marathon or 5K:

Please visit our GuideStar profile for more information on our organization and its finances. We are proud to display our GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency.